Home and Office Organization

messy officeBY the time I hired JB I has given up all hope of controlling my environment. I had a list, then many lists, and now I am looking for more projects.

JB is extremely patient and supportive as she helps me sort out what needs to be done and how it would be best accomplished. She has a wide range of skills; carpentry, sewing, earthquake preparation, gardening and a general willingness to problem solve. She also helped me organized my computer, iPhone and iPad and fix the many kinks in the system.

JB came on time and was always very professional as we worked together. She is a joy to work with. ~ Karen W., Oakland

JB helped me clean out and organize more than 30 years worth of clothing, books, papers, toys, electronic equipment, and just plain junk. My husband died earlier this year; my child left home years ago; and I needed to rid my house of the accumulations of all three of us dedicated packrats. [She] was able to sort through items that I wanted to discard and cull everything that was of any value. She sold and donated toys, books, camera equipment, clothing, left over medical equipment and health care supplies, organized and culled mountains of paperwork, and arranged inexpensive pickup of large items. She recycled all leftover items that could be recycled.

JB maintained close communication with me throughout, and I found JB to be very clear and organized about what needed to be done. She very effectively counseled me (which I needed!) when I was unsure about getting rid of items -- without being bullying, judgmental, or asking a second time. JB is a listener. Apart from the clearing out, JB conducted research and recommended businesses and donation places for dealing with repairs, collections, etc. In addition, JB is very technically savvy and dealt with problems with telephones, computers, and other electronic equipment.

For those of you needing to clean out a home or apartment, or just feeling overwhelmed by your stuff, I recommend that you hire JB. She made the process possible for me. ~ Madeline K., Kensington

Computer Consulting

I’ve recently subscribed to online computer consulting at JB’s DRAGA Design (www.barenose.com) and couldn’t be happier with this service. With a phone call and my permission, JB is able to access my computer on line. As I watch her move things on my computer screen, she makes quick fixes or teaches me that piece of technical information I’ve yet to learn or have forgotten. This service, for an affordable $250 a year, has enabled me to keep going when I suddenly get stuck, and to keep learning exactly what I need to know, when I need to know it.

Add to this JB’s people skills, and you have wonderful support. ~Cathy Cade: Photography & Personal Histories. www.CathyCade.com

I have availed myself of JB's computer expertise for two projects: one to create a major inventory with text and pictures, the second one to set up a new iMac desktop computer and transfer PC files to the new Mac. In each case she showed competence, creativity, patience, and professional expertise. She approaches her projects calmly and confidently, putting a less confident client at ease.~ Monica C., Montclair

when i called JB in a panic on the first day with my laptop, despite my obvious franticness JB remained calm, and managed to calm me down with her words and her tone. first JB made sure she understood the problem clearly, and then offered an elegant solution which seemed too simple to believe. JB asked that once i try her solution i call her to confirm that the problem had been solved. of course, the problem was solved, and i called to thank her effusively, not just for solving the problem, but for being so kind and calm.

i feel quite fortunate that JB is there to call on in the future when problems arise with my new laptop. ~ elana levy, berkeley, CA

Web site, and graphic design

JB of Draga Design created my website and I am very happy about it. JB is conscientious, creative, talented and patient. She answered my innumerable questions, made great suggestions and worked with me until my ideas became computer literate. I appreciate her computer knowledge and artistic sense, and I recommend her to my friends. Thanks JB ~ Cheryl Schwartz, DVM

Your website for the film “Audre Lorde-The Berlin Years” is getting enthusiastic responses! People from the US and from Germany tell me they think it is great and they find it a clear, creative, sensitive, artistic piece of work. Thank you so much for your engagement – and for your patience with my repeated request for changes in the text! ~ Dagmar Schultz, Berlin

Graphic design
Web site, and graphic design
Web site, and graphic design
Web site, graphic design & consulting