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Cleaning up, clearing out, and getting your life back!

messy office

BY the time I hired JB I has given up all hope of controlling my environment. I had a list, then many lists, and now I am looking for more projects.

JB is extremely patient and supportive as she helps me sort out what needs to be done and how it would be best accomplished. She has a wide range of skills; carpentry, sewing, earthquake preparation, gardening and a general willingness to problem solve. She also helped me organized my computer, iPhone and iPad and fix the many kinks in the system.

JB came on time and was always very professional as we worked together. She is a joy to work with. ~ Karen W.

Want to lose 100 lbs. . .or more?

  • Does your home office scare you? Want to close the door and run away?
  • Do you have paid storage and a garage and a basement?
  • Can you find everything when you want to find it?
  • Are friends and relatives calling you (gasp). . .a hoarder!

I can help clear out months, years…decades of stuff. . .PLUS get it recycled, reused, digitized, sold or dumped accordingly.

Once, or even during the clear out, I'll work with you to create an ongoing system that works for you…

  • Discover how to deal with potential clutter…in your office, your home, and your garage
  • Discover how to handle mail, including junk mail and catalogues
  • Discover effective ways to work with your e-mail and computer files

Call me today and let's get started!

storage boxes